Chinese New Year 2018

February 16 was the first day of the Chinese New Year calendar in 2018. Traditionally – in line with the regular New Year – people make a lot of wishes during this first day. I have made my fair share of 7 wishes that I hope to come true in this Year of the Dog. They are all aligned with the major topics of this blog MANTA-FW, namely Military, Aerospace, Nutrition, Travel, Anime, Fishkeeping, and Writing.


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Healthy Snacks

If you’re one of the many people who get hungry between meals, put away your granola bars or tortilla chips, and opt for a sweet potato and egg instead. Sweet potatoes provide carbs with a low glycemic index, while eggs provide protein and healthy fats. A perfect filling snack that will last you until lunch or dinner.


Eat More and Sit Less

For those of you who’re losing weight, but still maintaining your belly fat, worry no more. Your cure is to eat more and sit less. Eat more so that you can go back to your normal body weight and not look sickly. Sit less so that your fat doesn’t accumulate around your belly, hips, and buttocks. Have to sit in front of your computer at work? Then don’t sit on your commute to/from home. Do this for 2 weeks and you’ll see the transformation. No more excuses to look like this:


Fruit: Before or After a Meal?

Recently came upon an article that said you should eat fruits (regardless of the type) before a meal, so that you can absorb all its healthy nutrients before the less nutritious spaghetti or rice. If we eat it last, the fruit may ferment before entering our stomach/intestines due to the bottleneck of food that entered a couple of minutes earlier. The fructose may then turn into gas to contribute to our belly bloat.

Banana Apple Orange

Some of you may question this piece of advice, saying that oranges are acidic and will burn through our stomach lining. However, our digestive tracts can neutralize most acids (unless it’s sulfuric acid) before they enter our stomach.

Why Cardio Can’t Help You Lose Fat

Belly FatPeople who run or do other types of routine exercise every day (and who still have accumulated fat) know that cardio can’t help you consistently lose fat. Being a victim of belly fat myself, I know that it is hard to lose the fat in your belly, buttocks, love handles, or triceps. This may be further apparent in people in their 30’s when their metabolism reaches the beginning stages of dormancy. To compensate for this, they run, cycle, or do other repetitive exercises in hopes of losing body fat. And worse of all, it does work, in the beginning. But after the 3rd trial, our body gets used to it and stops losing fat. Even the sweat that we’ve lost during exercise doesn’t help much, fat-wise.

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How to Hike with Bad Knees

I’m sure we’ve all hurt our knees at some point in our lives. Regardless of the reason, the false assumption that we can’t do any strenuous exercise again just sends us into a never-ending depression. And to add insult to injury, we have commercials that tell us that once some of our ligaments are gone, they won’t come back and we’ll be left with 50% of our former motor ability.

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Sugar and Processed Foods

SugarToday, we’re going to look at the decade-old argument on why you shouldn’t eat sugar or other processed foods if your aim is to lose fat. Let’s first look at sugar, which is not only a simple carbohydrate that our body readily absorbs, but tastes good as well. The difference between sugar, white rice, pasta, and mashed potatoes is that one tastes sweet while the other 3 don’t. The similarity is that they’re all equally processed and unhealthy. All the kernels and cusps have been removed to reveal the sugary white rice inside. Continue reading