How Do I Become an Astronaut?

How do I become an astronaut by Mike Roetheli


Mars Helicopter

NASA will launch a helicopter to Mars in July 2020, signaling mankind’s first attempt in flying heavier-than-air vehicles on the red planet. The softball-sized helicopter represents 4 years of achievement of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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Stephen Hawking

Our universe has lost a former astronomical prodigy – later turned mastermind – Stephen Hawking, on March 14, 2018. Known as the modern-day successor to Albert Einstein, he proved that black holes aren’t immortal entities, but will actually slowly radiate heat – or matter – into the surrounding space until they disappear. Without his discovery, scientists wouldn’t have thought of powering our future colonies with black hole radiation energy. His contributions will not only be missed by the science community, but by all of humanity.

Chinese New Year 2018

February 16 was the first day of the Chinese New Year calendar in 2018. Traditionally – in line with the regular New Year – people make a lot of wishes during this first day. I have made my fair share of 7 wishes that I hope to come true in this Year of the Dog. They are all aligned with the major topics of this blog MANTA-FW, namely Military, Aerospace, Nutrition, Travel, Anime, Fishkeeping, and Writing.


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Mission to Mars

Going to Mars is not only for technological prowess, but for the survival of humanity. This fact couldn’t be understimated enough. With the current world population standing at 7.6 billion and expected to reach 11.8 billion in 82 years, there has always been infighting between people of different countries. The shortage of space and impending collision with asteroid 2013 TV135 isn’t helping with the situation either.

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