Jet Vortex


Since coming back from Vancouver, this was one of the more spectacular sights I’ve seen. A jet split the sky in halves with its wing-tip vortices.


Day 9, 10, and 11: Seattle Amtrak, Museum of Anthropology (UBC), and One Pacific Swimming Pool (Downtown Vancouver)


Day 9: Took the Amtrak and visited the Boeing factory. Obviously, aviation is my field of choice, but since they don’t allow phones and photo-taking, I can only remember and draw out every intricate detail later on.

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Trump as President = Worldwide Catastrophe?

As the election for the United States presidency draws near, I can’t help but worry about Donald Trump having the potential of becoming the next president. As the president, you need to have a strong will to do what’s right.


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Invention 02: Sun Reflector

Cooling Sun

Image courtesy of

In the future, should our Sun slowly burn out of fuel and supply us with sub-par sunlight, I have thought of a way to make Earth habitable. All we have to do is to redirect an increasing proportion of the Sun’s radiant heat to our planet at all times. This may sacrifice the other planets’ fair share of warmth, but since they’re uninhabited and since being hotter or colder wouldn’t significantly impact their orbits, this should only be a minor problem. Should there actually be aliens on Mars or Neptune, they’ll have to speak up.

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NASA Astronaut Candidate Program

Since the grounding of United State’s space program in 2011, NASA has resumed accepting applications for astronauts from December 14, 2015 to early February, 2016. This is in response to the discovery of flowing water on Mars, which dramatically increased the probability of successfully setting-up camp on our red neighbor. NASA currently has 47 astronauts, which isn’t enough to support the Mars program, so they want you to be a part of the team.


Image courtesy of NASA.

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