How Do I Become an Astronaut?

How do I become an astronaut by Mike Roetheli


Should I Travel Around the World?

There are a few misconceptions as to what qualifies as traveling around the world. To qualify, your trip must cover 10 countries, traverse over 2 continents, and use your feet as the sole means of transportation. This expedition would likely take up to a year, and may seem like a torture to some. But to real travelers, this is where the real adventure begins.

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JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail Pass

It has been 7 long years since Japan’s Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident on March 11, 2011. Since then, the Japanese Government has made extensive progress on building infrastructure, controlling nuclear fallout, and learning from the national tragedy to rebuild human faith. Part of that rebuilding is to encourage tourism in Tohoku areas that can now be visited safely. Visitors are frequently visiting cities like Aomori, Akita, and Sendai, especially with the sale of the JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail Pass since January 5, 2018.

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Violet Evergarden

Violet EvergardenThe anime Violet Evergarden is about a former child soldier’s journey to adjust back into society after the war and to search for her life’s purpose after the death of her only loved one. Being an orphan, Violet was scouted by the military during the war for her exemplary fighting skills. She was placed under the command of Major Gilbert Bougainvillea, who not only appreciated her military prowess, but who also treated her as a family member. Gilbert always stressed the importance for her to find her life’s purpose, rather than to blindly obey orders. Being a child raised in the military, she couldn’t change her military mentality, even until the day Gilbert was killed in action.

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