Day 9, 10, and 11: Seattle Amtrak, Museum of Anthropology (UBC), and One Pacific Swimming Pool (Downtown Vancouver)


Day 9: Took the Amtrak and visited the Boeing factory. Obviously, aviation is my field of choice, but since they don’t allow phones and photo-taking, I can only remember and draw out every intricate detail later on.

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Day 1: Vancouver

I sat next to a couple on my 12-hour Cathay Pacific flight to Vancouver. During one of the meals, the husband asked the wife, “

You’re not eating your omelette? I can help you with that.” The wife unwillingly yhanded over her omelette. Then the husband said again, “I can have your pineapple yogurt if you’re not feeling up to it.” Finally the wife retaliated with, “Why do you want my breakfast?”, in which he innocently replied, “Just asking, because you normally don’t eat yogurt.

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