Traveling the World with a Sling Bag

Those of you reading this page know exactly what it’s like to carry a rock on your back when traveling. Your carefully-refined minimalist backpack, while light enough to be carried for short durations, is an absolute pain when carried for half a day. Maybe you’re covering long stretches and can’t always go back to your original hotel (or hostel). Carrying your bag from one hotel to the next will be your only choice.

Huge BackpackI weigh around 60 kg and do pullups regularly. Yet I found my 3.3 kg backpack to be unbearable 3 hours in. I almost had to stall my trip and take the rest of the day off because my mind was always emphasizing the weight on my back instead of the sights in front of my eyes. There’s no doubt that the weight and size of your bag determine how good you feel during a trip. So to help make your next journey a pleasant one, Iet’s work together to cut down your possessions to 2 kg and then fit it all in a sling bag for interchangeability from back to front.

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High-Speed Railroad Travel

In a world where messages are sent worldwide within a couple of seconds, wouldn’t it be nice to ride a high-speed railroad that can circumnavigate the globe in 2 hours? The drastic changes in scenery will be awe-inspiring and being able to traverse between continents in less than 30 minutes will be a huge practical advantage over other modes of transportation. The only other faster means of travel are supersonic jets and Elon Musk’s proposed plan of going from New York to Shanghai in 39 minutes.

Below’s an image of a future train cabin, courtesy of Stuff Magazine New Zealand.


Eat More and Sit Less

For those of you who’re losing weight, but still maintaining your belly fat, worry no more. Your cure is to eat more and sit less. Eat more so that you can go back to your normal body weight and not look sickly. Sit less so that your fat doesn’t accumulate around your belly, hips, and buttocks. Have to sit in front of your computer at work? Then don’t sit on your commute to/from home. Do this for 2 weeks and you’ll see the transformation. No more excuses to look like this: