Last 2 Days in Vancouver and Final Thoughts

Day 12: Went to 2 of the largest shopping malls in Vancouver, the Pacific Centre and Metropolis @ Metrotown.


Day 13: Finally had to leave Vancouver, but also saw a large and beautiful aquarium at the airport.


Final Thoughts: I realized a few new things about Canada since leaving in 2005. (A) The

Government and retailors don’t give out pennies anymore. They do accept them, but will only round to the nearest nickel when giving change. (B) People in Vancouver like to thank their bus drivers. They politely shout out, “Thank you,” even when getting off from the rear exit. This practice may/may not have spread to Toronto. (C) When paying at a restaurant, the waiter may bring a credit card machine directly to the table to facilitate quick PIN entry or signature signing. (D) For those of you going to Vancouver, remember that Google Maps is your friend when finding directions. For Android users, remember to perform the infinity swirl with your wrist to set your compass right. (E) When traveling on the SkyTrain in a group including seniors or children, see if the DayPass is a cheaper option. The adult DayPasses will look exactly the same as the concessionary ones, and the only way to distinguish between the 2 will be the circle displayed on the LED screens when passing through the gate for concessionary passes.

Final thought: Vancouver is a great place to live, and I might go back to Canada some day.


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