Elon Musk Colonizing Mars in the 20’s

This blog can’t claim to focus on aerospace news without talking about Elon Musk. I’ve watched some of his conferences on YouTube recently. He has a vision that no ordinary person has.


He’s really trying to benefit humanity by making environmentally-friendly cars, reusable rockets, and affordable means of access to Mars through his Inter-Planetary System.


When asked whether he wants to go to Mars, he said he wants to see his children grow up first. And when everything’s setttled, he’ll go. As a human, why not be born on Earth and die on Mars, he said. Before he imparts on this journey, however, he emphasized on the importance of SpaceX’s succession in case he’s involved in a fatal accident. He showed concern that the stakeholders might want to focus on the company’s profitability instead of the main goal of making humans a multi-planetary species.


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