Saltwater Tank Update 1

Less than a week after my last post, I’ve added 2 inhabitants to my tank. An ocellaris clownfish as promised, and a peaceful green chromis (about 2.5 times the clownfish’s weight).


This fish had to be larger than the more aggressive clownfish, to hopefully even out the playing field. But 5 days ago, my colleague and I spotted the clownfish biting my green friend. They’re now separated with a purple tank divider. Below are the before and after images.



Since I don’t have the beautiful coralline algae that all saltwater tankers crave for, I thought I’d have some artificial purple for now.

In the meantime, the clownfish will only have a smaller portion of the tank until I can think of a better cost-free solution or until the orange bully can prove that he learned his lesson.


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