Okinawa Island: Day 3: Ginowan

We started the day by picking up the OTS rental car at our hotel lobby. It was a black Corolla, certainly not as fashionable as the one pictured below.

Rental CarWithout a test drive and without previously driving a car-key-less car, we accidentally pressed the wrong button and turned off the ignition in front of the bridge intersection. To add salt to injury, we got bumped by the truck behind us, interrogated by the police, and almost had a bad record on our driving permit/license.

Good we got that over with and successfully went over to the Ashibinaa outlet mall, despite some minor GPS glitches. One thing I like about the Japanese though; they really think about customer satisfaction on a rainy day.

Rain BagWe went to our Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel & Residence earlier to be greeted by a nice entrance, sea-view, and land-view. We even got a free upgrade to the business suite.

Hotel Entrance Hotel Sea View Hotel Land-ViewAnd then we went to a nearby mall, which is the most memorable place I’ve been to in Okinawa thus far. It was almost twilight when we entered the Ginowan Convention City. The colorful donut shop was the first to greet us, followed closely by the grocery store, both of which we became regular customers. Going up one level, there was a large screen tv with rows of seats and a sofa-surrounded playpen. Sitting at the back row of seats meant that you could look after children in front of you, while simultaneously watching tv farther away.

One of the bookstores in this mall even sold the Makoto Shinkai’s light novel, Your Name. A predecessor to the anime movie, which would later become one of my favorite movies of all-time, second only to Rocky Balboa.

Your Name


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