Okinawa Island: Day 2: Naha

The next morning, I left Star Capsule before the other hotel guests awoke to join with my family at Hotel Mercure 沖縄 那覇 (Okinawa Naha). I cut my 17-minute walk short by taking the monorail halfway from 旭橋駅 (Asahibashi station) to 壺川駅 (Tsubogawa station). This required the use of the 2-day pass purchased from the airport station the day before. Below is the morning river view from our hotel room.

Mercure Monorail

Our destination for the day was 国際通り (International Road), known for selling most of the famous Okinawan goods. We got off at the eastern exit of the nearest 県庁前駅 (Kencho-mae Station). Before eating the Blue Seal ice-cream, I managed to buy a nice postcard in a post office below.

Zootopia Postcard

International Road branched off into some other streets, one of them called Heiwadori, which housed a market, tasty lobster soup, some miniature pineapples, Pokemon GO spirits, and Okinawan purple sweet potato tarts.

Lobster Soup

Small Pineapples


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