Japanese Lesson


Stemming from my interest in Japanese travel (especially Tokyo) and anime, I’ve taken 6 lessons so far to study the difficult にほんご (Japanese language). What a satisfying experience! There are 2 main sets of characters to learn: Hiragana (native Japanese characters) and Katakana (words borrowed from other languages, mostly English). I love Katakana! I wish all Japanese words consisted of only Katakana. Because after memorizing those 46 characters, based on the sounds of the words, I was able to accurately guess the English words they were referring to.

Now I can understand 50% of the content of Japanese magazines, provided I read slowly. Given my understanding of 60% of Kanji, I can understand a grand total of 56%!


8 thoughts on “Japanese Lesson

    • I studied Japanese for 10 months, on and off. I agree with other people when they say Japanese is one of the toughest languages to learn. If you’re serious about learning the language 5 hours a week, you should be well versed in it 4 years later.


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