Trump as President = Worldwide Catastrophe?

As the election for the United States presidency draws near, I can’t help but worry about Donald Trump having the potential of becoming the next president. As the president, you need to have a strong will to do what’s right.


You have to truly care about not only the American people, but humanity in general.


And above all, you need someone who’s stable enough to use their dominating military/aerospace power wisely.


Does he fit the bill? You decide.


5 thoughts on “Trump as President = Worldwide Catastrophe?

  1. I am also worried because as far as i know… he would eradicate all the immigrants in the USA. He sees them worthless. Immigrants there are mostly asian so.. in my case.. i have a plan to migrate there because my aunt will hire me for a job. Now i am worried that if he’s going to be the president… do you think he has higher chance of winning? 😢


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