Legendary People Series 01: José Bautista

One of the top power hitters in baseball these days is Toronto Blue Jays’ José Bautista. Hitting 54 home runs in 2010 and still hitting strong last year when the Blue Jays clinched the American League East Champions, he makes USD14 million a year, making him easily one of the top 0.5% richest people in the world. However, all these accomplishments didn’t come without a fight.

Bautista At Bat

José Bautista came from a middle-class family in Dominican Republic and studied business at university. He was scouted as having power hitting potential during his practice baseball matches. Initially being offered USD300000 to join the Cincinnati Reds, it was later rescinded after the baseball club’s ownership change. He then promoted himself across American colleges in hopes of recovering the contract he almost had.

From 2000 to 2003, he played in the minor leagues of Pittsburgh Pirates. Then he switched over to the major leagues in 2004 under Baltimore Orioles. Through an unfortunate change of events, he was sold over to Tampa Bay, Kansas City, New York Mets, and finally back to the major league Pittsburgh Pirates, all in 1 season. Bautista, however, didn’t succumb to this ill fate and continued giving a solid performance.

After being optioned to Indianapolis Indians and traded to the Blue Jays, he struggled until he once again regained his original batting performance.

Jose Bautista bat flip

If nothing else, Bautista has taught us 1 thing. No matter how much we love doing something, there will always be companies who won’t hesitate to undermine our potential. However, as long as we strive for the best, there will always be a day when our effort pays off.

Bautista Celebrate


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