Fruit: Before or After a Meal?

Recently came upon an article that said you should eat fruits (regardless of the type) before a meal, so that you can absorb all its healthy nutrients before the less nutritious spaghetti or rice. If we eat it last, the fruit may ferment before entering our stomach/intestines due to the bottleneck of food that entered a couple of minutes earlier. The fructose may then turn into gas to contribute to our belly bloat.

Banana Apple Orange

Some of you may question this piece of advice, saying that oranges are acidic and will burn through our stomach lining. However, our digestive tracts can neutralize most acids (unless it’s sulfuric acid) before they enter our stomach.


9 thoughts on “Fruit: Before or After a Meal?

  1. Thank you for addressing this question! I have been debating this point with one of my coworkers. He is BEFORE and I am AFTER. Your post is making me reconsider! Also thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet another traveler. What languages do you speak? Since you are interested in nutrition, I am sure you’ll like my simple, Japanese-inspired meal prep recipes. Check them out and feel free to follow! Jessy


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