Tofuku Temple and Nijo Castle

Ryokan InteriorWaking up on Day 7 in Kyoto felt like a dream-come-true. Not only did I have a spacious ryokan at half the price of a minivan-sized Tokyo hotel room, I also opened the curtains to discover a beautiful view. Looking back to this day, if I could have things my way, I’d dive back straight into Japan this second.

Ryokan ViewTofuku TempleOur morning destination was Tofuku Temple, which was probably our 2nd or 3rd rock-decor temple for this trip thus far. Although seemingly plain when viewed from a distance, once you look closely, you can see each pebble being laid out in a careful pattern. The workers/artisans must be great long-jumpers too, because once you finish laying pebbles in the middle, a single misplaced step on any of them can ruin everything.

Inside TofukuNijo Castle SignAnd then came Nijo Castle, my long awaited afternoon destination. After viewing the map (which reminds me of WarCraft II) near the entrance, we were greeted by lush smooth fluffy greenery. Outside the castle walls was also a moat, which was used to bar off attacking soldiers a couple of centuries ago.

Nijo Castle TreesNijo Castle MoatAll things need to come to an end, and travel excursions are no exception. This was already Day 7 of the 9 total days, and you could imagine how much I didn’t want to leave at that point in time.


5 thoughts on “Tofuku Temple and Nijo Castle

  1. I love Nijojo and its grounds! I have used your last picture as inspiration for Photo post #134 on ” “You Inspire me” I have linked it back to you so keep an eye out! Thank you!

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