Pulverize Boredom with Change

Bored BearHave you ever thought that you’ve already reached the peak in your life and things will only go downhill from here on in? This may apply to your fat loss resolution, your 2 year-old hobby, your work, or your son who’s gradually talking less with you.

It wouldn’t be a problem if you’ve lost interest in a hobby; just choose a new one. There are thousands to choose from. Not getting larger arms after doing the same exercise routine and eating the same protein-carbohydrate combo for 6 weeks? Choose from the other thousands of exercises and food choices. Ever since I started doing 4 new exercises every 2 days, I haven’t looked back.

Bored Swiss BallBut what if you get tired of living in the same house, doing the same job, facing the same people, or living in the same city? When it comes to these larger aspects of life, you’ll probably need to strike a balance between change and value.

One wouldn’t find it easy or pleasant to move into a new neighborhood that may or may not have friendlier neighbors. If you already enjoy your current house, it’ll probably be better to stay there, especially with the fluctuating housing market nowadays. It also wouldn’t be intellectually stimulating to talk to new neighbors every year, only to repeat the same introductory conversations every time. “Yes, I’m from Hawaii. Yes, the pineapples are great. Yes, we say Aloha in every sentence.”

You may already know this, but to live a fulfilling life, it’s the little things that count. You should make small changes when you start feeling uneasy. Such as choosing a new route to work or even keeping a betta fish in your cubicle. Don’t have time for those new changes? Then why not take some time off from those routine chores?


Image courtesy of Dr Tom Bailey.


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