Japan Advance Booking

NTTCan’t speak Japanese? Not a problem. Previously, I made a post on the word Suimasen, but if you still have doubts, hopefully this post can make you go to Japan worry-free. Part of the reason why I like Japan is because the Japanese make it so easy for tourists to have a great time there, aside from the language barrier.

Suica K-ON!

A custom Suica. Don’t be surprised if your Suica doesn’t look as nice.

Typically, tourists worry about 4 things when it comes to traveling: Plane tickets, hotels, transportation, and communication. You can easily arrange for plane tickets and hotels through online bookings or apps. Even transportation isn’t tough, as the Japan Rail Pass can be booked online and the Suica can be directly bought at the Multifunction Ticket Vending Machines in large railroad stations. Alternatively, they can be bought at the Travel Service Centers in Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Tokyo station, and Shinjuku station. Having the Suica means you won’t need to buy separate paper tickets every time you ride the subway.


Screenshot courtesy of SoftBank’s website.

Lastly, telecommunication has been made easy since at least 2012. Japan’s network is different from the rest of the world, but SoftBank allows tourists to easily rent Android SIM cards, iPhones, and mobile Wi-Fi. This allows tourists to make use of their own smartphones and Japan’s telecommunication network to surf the internet and make calls. To make things even easier, SoftBank allows advance booking, to remove the hassle of filling in forms on-the-spot. Most of the work can be done online before you even set foot on Japan soil. All you need to do when you arrive at the counter is to say Suimasen and show the printout of your email receipt.

Have a happy journey in Japan.


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