Why Cardio Can’t Help You Lose Fat

Belly FatPeople who run or do other types of routine exercise every day (and who still have accumulated fat) know that cardio can’t help you consistently lose fat. Being a victim of belly fat myself, I know that it is hard to lose the fat in your belly, buttocks, love handles, or triceps. This may be further apparent in people in their 30’s when their metabolism reaches the beginning stages of dormancy. To compensate for this, they run, cycle, or do other repetitive exercises in hopes of losing body fat. And worse of all, it does work, in the beginning. But after the 3rd trial, our body gets used to it and stops losing fat. Even the sweat that we’ve lost during exercise doesn’t help much, fat-wise.

The problem with routine exercise (cardio in particular) is that our body repeats the same motion over and over again. Think of the Law of Diminishing Returns. If our body starts running, it’ll be a good exercise in the beginning because our body didn’t do much of it before. The body gets excited and progresses through a steep learning curve. However, as time passes, our body gets used to the same boring routine and we’ll get less and less fat burning results.

Diminishing ReturnsTo get better results, we need to switch our routines at least once every 3-6 weeks, in order to have a new learning curve for fat burning. You can do a combination of cardio exercises, but that will still limit your fat loss because cardio only burns fat while you’re exercising. As soon as you stop running or cycling, you’ll stop losing fat too. You may only need to run for 20 minutes in the beginning, but even after incorporating an exercise switch after 3 weeks, you’ll still need to do 60 or 90 minutes of cardio to lose the same amount of fat afterwards. Exercising for more than 60 minutes a day may lead to a catabolic burning of your muscles, not to mention having exercise cutting into your social life too.

How can you only exercise for 45-60 minutes every 2-3 days to lose more fat than before? Sounds impossible? But it is possible through weight-training! Not only does weight-training incorporate thousands of different moves to keep your fat burning consistent, you’ll also gain from the after-burn effect which I talked about in my previous post. Muscle has a unique property that allows it to burn fat that’s nearby. How near? 1 millimeter away? 1 inch away? No specific scientific studies have been made, but know that it’s true.

The more muscle you gain through weight-training, the more fat you can burn involuntarily, even 1 hour after your weight-training session. The problem with cardio is that you won’t get more muscle, so you can’t seek the assistance of this after-burn effect. Cardio, however, is a good warm-up for your subsequent muscle-building training.

Bad Fitness ModelAnd to further eliminate all fears, especially from female readers of this blog, you won’t have to worry about getting too much muscle! It is nearly impossible to become one of those inhuman fitness models, through natural means. Rumor has it that they intake DHEA supplements. Through consistent natural weight-training, female readers of this blog can expect to look like the one pictured below, which isn’t bad.

Good Fitness Model


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