NASA Astronaut Candidate Program

Since the grounding of United State’s space program in 2011, NASA has resumed accepting applications for astronauts from December 14, 2015 to early February, 2016. This is in response to the discovery of flowing water on Mars, which dramatically increased the probability of successfully setting-up camp on our red neighbor. NASA currently has 47 astronauts, which isn’t enough to support the Mars program, so they want you to be a part of the team.


Image courtesy of NASA.

Unlike the private Mars One program, which doesn’t allow you to come back to Earth unless under exigent circumstances, NASA wants you to come back after 3 months. That means you won’t have to leave your family and friends behind and may even be paid up to USD 36250 for your services.

To qualify for initial screening, you must have American citizenship, a bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science, or mathematics, and 3 years of professional working experience or 1000 flight hours as the pilot-in-command. If you successfully make it to the final screening, you’ll be trained in Russian verbal communication and maneuverability around the International Space Station.

TerraformNASA’s mission is to terraform Mars and to visit an asteroid by 2025. To up your chances of joining the team, it may be wise to join the military first, as 7 of the 8 finalists in 2013’s candidate program were from the military.

NASA 2013

Image courtesy of NASA.


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