Hong Kong Chinese New Year Parade 2016

Netherlands DinosaurSometimes you don’t need to travel to another country to explore interesting things. I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 22 years and it was probably my 1st time seeing the Chinese New Year Parade from start to finish in the tourist district of Tsim Sha Tsui. Officially starting at 8pm at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to the south, the parade would then travel counterclockwise along Canton Road and Haiphong Road, until it stopped near the southern end of Nathan Road.

Dallas CowboysThose of you who’ve played those smartphone tower games would be smart enough to secure a location at the corner street intersections as the parade would walk around you 180 degrees, giving you more time to look at your favorite performers. But what’s probably more important is persistence. People started piling-up in the afternoon and you’d have to arrive 3 hours earlier at the latest to get a front-row standing position. Including 2 hours of parading time, that means you’d stand in a tight spot for 5 hours.

Netherlands DinosaurThankfully, there were some pre-parade performances and gift distribution. I was starving at the start of the parade and was glad to get a candy that allowed me to last another 2 hours. Good I did too, because the parade had members from the famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC), Netherlands Dinosaurs, and my favorite Sapporo Samurais. This renewed my interest in my current hometown. Sometimes the good things are just next door.

Sapporo SamuraiI hope the Sapporo Samurais will come again next year, if I don’t see them in the snowy plains first.


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