How to Find UFOs

Night UFOTo find UFOs, you must be persistent. Aliens are surely around us, and so are their means of transportation. It’s just a matter of whether or not we can look at the right location at the right time. This is precisely the difference between those who’ve never seen an alien and those who see them once a month. After reading this post, you will see them once a month.

There are several changes in habit that you’ll need to incorporate in order to increase your probability of seeing alien craft. Below are a few of the major ones:

(1) Look at the Sky

You may be laughing at this obvious piece of advice, but many people seem to forget its importance. Having said this, aliens are intelligent beings and they wouldn’t want to be discovered when they’re doing their job of monitoring us humans. It would, however, be better if I renamed the subtitle to “Look at the Night Sky”. Very often, alien craft hover at low elevations to more closely observe us humans. This will save them money by not utilizing their on-board instruments as much. In order to blend in with the night sky, the operators of the UFOs will switch off most of their lights, if not all.

When you look up at the night sky, remember to have a bright flashlight with you. The specifications are at least 500 lumens out front, with a good amount of flood. Whenever you can’t see stars at night, instead of assuming it’s because of light pollution or cloud cover, flash your light upwards for a quick scan. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly see a stadium-sized unlit alien craft. And if you see some stars move together, even if by a little, don’t hesitate to shine your light towards it.

Night FlashlightIf you decide to improve upon my advice by using a 4000+ lumen flashlight on the rooftop of some building, don’t be surprised if other people shine their lights at you. They might think you’re an alien too.

(2) Next Post

I’ve decided to only leave you with one piece of advice today. Stay tuned for more.



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