The Heroic Legend of Arslan

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited to watch an anime and the Heroic Legend of Arslan doesn’t disappoint. I’ve watched 3 episodes of the anime so far and I had to force myself to stop in order to write this review. Then I’ll continue watching some more. But I must say this anime isn’t for everyone, as there’s a lot of action and if you’re not into military, you may find it unappealing.

Heroic Legend of ArslanThe plot revolves around an average teenager, age 14, who’s also the prince of Pars, a hitherto undefeated kingdom in the autumn of the year 320. His name is Arslan, and he had 2 (or more) trusted protectors, Vahriz and Daryun. Vahriz was the General of the army. He and King Andragoras III led almost 200000 cavalry and foot soldiers, in hopes of defeating the Lusitania army for the 2nd time.

Prior to the battle, the King and Queen have dismissed Arslan from being a worthy son based on his mediocre swordsmanship, despite Vahriz’s daily training. It was this lack of attention that drove Arslan to meet with captured prisoners from Lusitania after their army’s 1st defeat. Arslan was and still is very curious to know about the outside world.

Prince and QueenBack to the battle. The Cavalry Captain Kharlan, set a trap for the Pars army in foggy territory. With the chances of victory dwindling, Vahriz advised the King to retreat to protect their kingdom. The pair and their followers retreated but not before ordering their soldiers to relay the message that they’re leaving, and not before asking Daryun to protect Arslan (who was having his first battle and eager to prove his worth to the King). Unfortunately the soldier, who would blow the retreat horn signal, was killed by other traitors. And Daryun was searching through the fog while Arslan fought with Kharlan.

DaryunHow did this battle turn out? It is for you to see in the anime.


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