Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

FourRhythm GameAfter 13 weeks of the fall anime season (where I didn’t watch a single anime), I was hesitant to watch another one. Because I was pretty doubtful I’d find another one that’s better than my previous 33. Then in walks Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm, which was recommended my a fellow blogger. Again, the anime that I usually like revolves around school life, and this was no exception. But this anime had one interesting idea of flying shoes (also known as Grav-Shoes), where students living in a remote part of Japan can test drive flying before it’s implemented nationwide. That essentially cuts down transportation time to 5% or less from the traditional methods of subways, buses, or driving.

FourRhythm StationCan you imagine the implications? Mechanical vehicles will become obsolete, save for situations where people need to be physically protected when going underground, during a thunderstorm, and when traveling through outer space. Being a scientist, the mere mention of a mystery anti-gravity particle just got my blood pumping with adrenaline. Currently, only 2 episodes are out. Don’t miss out the first few seconds of the ending theme song.

FourRhythm End


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