Japanese Washroom

I’ve mentioned this in my previous Blogger blog, and I’ll mention it again here. 5 years ago, I was traveling on a tour bus from Osaka to Wakayama in Kansai, Japan. We stopped at a few gas stations for other tourists to pay visits to the loo during the long journey and for the driver to fuel up. You just have to give it to the Japanese. When I say a gas station, the Japanese just have to go the extra mile by adding in some beautifully-decorated souvenir shops, ice cream dispenser machines, and beautiful toilets. What’s so special about a toilet, you might ask? How about a rectangular toilet with a huge low emissivity glass panel that maximizes the view of the ocean?

Wakayama ToiletDue to obvious reasons, I didn’t take a picture of the toilet interior. Didn’t want to seem weird to local citizens who might enter at any moment. But trust me when I say that if I can still remember that view after 5+ years, then that view must be quite some view. I’ve included some photos of the nearby scenery. I’ll reward anyone who can tell me the exact location of that toilet, serious.

Outside ToiletAnd while you’re trying to answer that question, my friend recently went to Hokkaido and bought me some mint candy. The packaging may not be the most environmentally-friendly, but you have to admit they have a strong marketing team. It’s all these little things that make me love Japan so much.

Hokkaido Mint


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