Tip of the Iceberg

I was just strolling around the Internet when I came upon this image of an iceberg. They say that only 10% of the iceberg is visible above water because the rest has taken the place of the displaced fluid.

IcebergBuilding from my previous post on the workplace, we can apply the iceberg theory to humans in general. When you see people for the first time and talk with them casually, you only see 10% of who they are. It is only when you continuously interact with them for weeks that you see a deeper inner side of them. The face you see before and after you knew them may have changed.

I find it very interesting that we can continue to know more and be surprised by the people around us. That’s what makes life worth living for.


3 thoughts on “Tip of the Iceberg

  1. this often applies to ourselves too. a lot of our gut responses stem not just from innate personality, but decades of learned behaviour all the way back from childhood, much of which we take as a given and are perhaps not even conscious of. it would take a lifetime to truly know oneself, much less another person.

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