Baggage Check on Jet Bridge

Baggage Check on Jet BridgeI was having lunch with my colleagues today when they mentioned about the baggage checking system for airports. That got me thinking about the Sydney trip 4 months back when there was a surprise carry-on baggage check after the final gate check and before boarding the plane. In that narrow jet bridge passageway, the TSA-wannabes once again emptied out our water bottles greater than 100mL. The 500mL water bottle that I bought on the air-side was not an exception.

Never have I imagined my water bottles being confiscated twice in a day. So next time I travel, the safest bet will be to bring my S’well bottle with the cap off. Or to not bring a bottle at all.


Image courtesy of S’well (R). I haven’t been paid to advertise for S’well, by the way.


2 thoughts on “Baggage Check on Jet Bridge

  1. the s’well bottle looks really cool, but is washing it a hassle because of the narrow neck?

    btw, i’d always thought that it’s all right to bring an empty bottle, go through security, and fill it up airside at one of the water dispensers. was that not permitted in sydney?

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    • Thanks. I use those water bottle scrubbers for internal cleaning. As for security, technically I could bring in the opened empty bottle, but I wouldn’t risk it with my S’well. The bottle isn’t cheap.


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