Ip Man 3 and Our Little Sister

Ip Man 3Watched 2 movies: Ip Man 3 (葉問 3) and Our Little Sister (海街 Diary) on December 19th and December 6th, and I can say with certainty they’re both on my Top 20 list out of the 1000+ movies I’ve seen so far.

The action-packed Ip Man 3 is without a shadow of a doubt the best entry of the movie trilogy and I honestly hope they won’t make a 4th entry because it’s impossible to produce a better movie. Donnie Yen (甄子丹) portrays Ip Man, a renowned Wing Chun master in 1960’s Hong Kong. To save his son’s school from demolition by the property developer, Mike Tyson, he had to first defeat 300+ triads and 1 Muay Thai boxer before challenging Tyson himself to a duel. The property developer/street boxer set a time limit of 3 minutes, saying that if Ip Man can still stand afterwards, he’ll let the school operate. Mike Tyson was absolutely inhuman, not only because of his gargantuan strength, but also because of his lightning-fast agility and versatile footwork. Being 3 years Donnie Yen’s junior, both fighters are clearly still in their peak. It’s mostly because of this fighting scene that I ranked this movie higher than the original Ip Man, so don’t miss those 3 minutes.

Our Little SisterOn the other side of the curve is Our Little Sister, a movie geared towards family relationships. The movie begins with 3 sisters, who live in the countryside, far away from their parents. That was when they received word of their father’s death. At the funeral, they discovered that their father had another daughter of high-school age with the woman who stole him away from their original mother. Since the woman was too selfish to care for her high-school daughter, the eldest of the 3 sisters asked their young half-sister whether she’d like to live with them. And so they lived together while being criticized by other neighbors for letting the child of the woman, who wrecked their household, into their very own house. The little sister learned that the fault of her parents shouldn’t be put on her and the eldest sister learned not to become the very same woman who would eventually wreck another person’s household.

These days, it’s very hard for a movie to make it into my Top 20 list. So these 2 movies are definitely worth a watch on the big screen.


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