Happy 2016 from an Unexpected Alien Race

Large InsectI’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year before talking about the main topic on aliens. Many of you know that life we’re familiar with can only exist on terrestrial planets or moons within the Goldilocks zone of a star and with a breathable and pressurized atmosphere. What you probably didn’t know is that most of these planets or moons have a lower surface gravity than Earth. What difference does this make for our future contact with an alien race?

Because of the lower gravity, life can naturally expand and grow larger in size. Currently, lifeforms with exoskeletons on Earth, such as insects, are limited in size because of the immense gravity’s restriction on their exoskeleton movement. However, with reduced gravity, they can develop larger and faster before vertebrae can flourish. It’s because of this logic that we should prepare ourselves in dealing with aliens that are insects, rather than mammals. Aliens, as depicted in Prometheus 2, are therefore more realistic than the ones in Avatar.

Prometheus 2Avatar

So I wish you all a happy 2016 and that we can finally meet some good-natured aliens this year.

Happy 2016


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