Sugar and Processed Foods

SugarToday, we’re going to look at the decade-old argument on why you shouldn’t eat sugar or other processed foods if your aim is to lose fat. Let’s first look at sugar, which is not only a simple carbohydrate that our body readily absorbs, but tastes good as well. The difference between sugar, white rice, pasta, and mashed potatoes is that one tastes sweet while the other 3 don’t. The similarity is that they’re all equally processed and unhealthy. All the kernels and cusps have been removed to reveal the sugary white rice inside.

White RiceThey’re unhealthy because they are readily absorbed into the bloodstream upon ingestion, giving you an excess high burst of energy when you don’t need it. The only time it’s good to eat white rice, pasta, and white potatoes is after exercise when your body needs to quickly recover from lost energy. But if you’re only at work or school, planning to walk a short distance for lunch and having a 15-minute nap afterwards, then those 3 “food” items are out of the question, not to mention the poison known as sugar. The excess carbohydrates will accumulate as stored fat in the body part that moves the least. Most of the time, it’ll be your belly and buttocks. That’s unless you have a hula hoop at work, in which case the excess fat will go to your upper arms and thighs.

Skinny FatSo what should you eat? Brown rice, steel-cut oats, taro, and sweet potatoes. They’re healthier because their unrefined dietary fiber lowers the absorption speed, lowering the probability of an insulin spike. Despite the health benefits, the restaurants near you probably won’t serve these healthy foods. And if they do, it’ll cost an extra 50%. That is when you’ll have to decide whether money, convenience, or health is more important. Can you sacrifice money and convenience to live with a fitter and healthier body?

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4 thoughts on “Sugar and Processed Foods

    • I mix 25% brown rice with 75% white rice when I’m at home, and I choose a similar rice mixture when it’s available outside. Thanks for reminding me about gluten. I wonder if having a slice of wheat bread every morning is the reason behind my larger than expected stomach.


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