Yama no Susume

Yama no SusumeFrom an earlier post, you’ll know that Yama no Susume is my 10th favorite anime, mostly because of its relevance to hiking and camping. Since becoming a scout leader in July 2014, I learned to tie some knots and hitches, skills that may become a lifesaver in the country. Although Yama no Susume didn’t focus on rope-tying, it did talk about the 3 essential items for hiking: a backpack, proper shoes, and a rain jacket. This anime can provide fundamental knowledge for those who haven’t hiked much but are planning to hike more in the future. It may also inspire you if you’re into camping, backpacking, and even rock-climbing as these 4 activities are interrelated.

Black Diamond SonicUsing the anime as a medium, the audience can learn and become interested in a topic that they’re previously oblivious to. While the main characters are only in middle-school, don’t let that age gap deter you from watching it. Perhaps with each episode in the 1st season being only 5 minutes long, those with a short attention span can also benefit from the content. In the spirit of the short anime, even this post is less than 190 words.


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