Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge 2

Once again I’d like to thank Leanne for starting this challenge where fellow travelers can discover interesting gifts from other countries. My last trinket was a souvenir magnet from Shanghai, China. This time, my good friend bought me another cool magnet from Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.

Magnet JapanAll though I’ve been to Japan a few times, I surprisingly haven’t bought any magnets myself. I wish to thank my good friend once again for helping me build onto my map. The travel map on my fridge has now been modified to this:

Travel MapIt is my wish to have a magnet from each continent, which is why I hope they sell magnets at McGull Station, Antarctica.

For more travel trinkets, please visit Leanne’s page at


7 thoughts on “Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge 2

      • My friend and fellow adventurer is off to the antartic on a cruise in January. I would love to be going with her but it doesn&t quite fit in with my holiday time! Usually she is great and works around my hols but this particular trip dictates the time because of seasonal accessibility

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      • Not long enough! It takes at least 10 days by the time you get down there. I only have about 14 days break and have promisd the folks I will get home for Christmas. That is the shortest tripp too. If I am paying that much I would like to go on the longer trip! But when I get back to NZ I will definitely think about it!

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