How Your Body Thinks

Body mindThe body has a mind of its own, especially when it comes to losing fat in your belly, love handles, and buttocks. No matter how much “routine” exercise you do, it’s always hard to lose this stubborn fat. If you tried the advice I gave in the previous posts, you’ll find that eating alone just doesn’t cut it.

Depending on where you live in the globe, it may be easier or harder to lose fat. Fat is stored energy that allows us to survive longer if there’s a crisis. So if you live in countries with colder climates, your body will naturally develop more insulating blubber to stay warmer. Does that mean everyone from Norway and Canada should permanently settle in the Amazon or Singapore? Not really. If you’re willing to comply with the following 2 proven rules in this post in addition to my 2 previous posts on belly fat, you should be able to lose fat uncontrollably.

Fat people cold weatherThe 1st rule is that you should never repeat the same exercise routine for more than 6 weeks. If you keep doing the same weekly routine, your body will gradually adapt to it. You will be able to lose fat or gain muscle at first, but like the learning curve, you’ll only have diminishing returns later. Your body will get used to chest and lats on Monday nights, abs and lower back on Wednesday nights, and quads and hamstrings on Fridays. Once your body gets used to it, you stop losing fat or gaining muscle. To combat this crestfallen future, you must switch your weekly routine after 6 weeks. Surprise your muscles by suddenly working out your abs and lats on Tuesday nights, chest and hamstrings on Thursday nights, and quads and lower back on Saturdays. The more burn you feel afterward the better.

The 2nd rule builds on top of the 1st rule. For every exercise motion you do, it’s best to do another exercise in the opposite motion. This is known as the push-pull workout and is more of an advanced technique of building muscle. You’re pushing and immediately pulling the same muscle afterward, thereby giving it a chain reaction of motion. It’s different from the above method of only working out specific muscle groups, in that it’s much more time-efficient to achieve the body you want. An example of the push-pull workout is to do push-ups, followed by pull-ups. You can alternate them for 3-5 sets each to make it more effective.

Push-pull workoutNow you may be wondering why would you want to build muscle when your true goal is only to lose fat. I’ll cover more of that in my next nutrition post. For now, the short answer is that the more muscle you have, the faster your body will burn away fat even when you’re not exercising.

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