How Gun Gale Online Applies to the Workplace

SAO BusGun Gale Online, the second season to the Sword Art Online anime series more or less depicts real life at a bad workplace. It talks about a girl named Sinon who feels miserable in real life because of accidentally killing a bank robber 5 years ago. But because she was only a minor at the time and because she did it to save her mother from being shot, no charges were made against her. But this incident always made her feel guilty of being a murderer, effectively cutting off her social interactions as she assumed that no one wants to befriend a killer. Then she discovered a virtual reality game called Gun Gale Online (GGO), which gave her a new identity in a new world, and which allowed her to kill other players with virtual guns. She is completely comfortable and true to herself in this world, unlike her true self in the real world.

Eyes on YouThis kind of mindset can also be applied to life in the workplace. Some office environments can be quite harsh to live in, especially when your desk is small, when your boss (who you hate) is only sitting 1 meter away from you, when the secretary (who sits 2 meters away from you) shouts at other colleagues every 5 minutes, and when you feel that all eyes are on you, giving you no confidence to even send a text on your phone.

Blue Jays VideoBut as the song in the above video says, whether you’re happy or sad at work is all dependent on your frame of mind. People may be peering into your every move, but you shouldn’t assume they’re hostile. Sometimes those you initially thought are bad, turn out to help you in your career or in life. So until people actually defame you, you should think of them as neutral. Don’t allow your negative frame of mind make false assumptions that all of your colleagues are apprentices to Satan. Many people cared about the real Sinon but she was too absorbed in her own mind to realize it.

Angry PersonIf you’re having a bad time at the workplace, try to figure out what you can do about it. If you tried all possible methods of remediation and you still want to leave, then maybe it’s about time to leave. But before you do, try not to think that you are in the worst scenario of all possible hells. Know that your current situation isn’t good, but certainly isn’t the worst. The secretary is only shouting at other people, not at you. Your horrible boss isn’t physically punching you. And your desk isn’t so small as to only hold a phone and a script to sell medication to healthy individuals. Try to have a frame of mind where you’re as comfortable as Sinon in GGO.

Sinon as her true self.

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