2015 Blue Jays Hit It Big

ALCS 2015The Toronto Blue Jays had a great 2015 season when local baseball fans really did #cometogether to share in the success. My last post on my hometown baseball team was almost a month ago before the postseason began. And while the playoffs are currently still ongoing, the Blue Jays sadly lost the American League Championship Series (ALCS) to the Kansas City Royals.Game 6 of the series was actually very controversial, as a bearded Royals fan reached over the fence to catch the ball to forcibly make it a solo Kansas home run, a clear violation of baseball rules. The final score should’ve been tied 3-3 if it weren’t for that and history may have changed.

Creator of controversial home run.

Don’t you just want to punch him in the face?

What wouldn’t change, however, was that the Jays really did have a good season, not only because of Donaldson, but also because of the reliable hitter Bautista, another hard hitter Encarnacion, and incredible defense from Pillar. The fact that all the players tried so hard and made use of every last ounce of their talent really brought the whole city and even nation together.

Jose Bautista bat flipThe last time the Jays went into the postseason was 22 years ago when they won the 1993 World Series. The Rogers Centre is still hanging the World Series pennants from 1992 and 1993. The city really needs a win. But even though they didn’t win this year, Rogers Centre can now have a new 2015 A.L. East Champs pendant hanging from the roof. I may even go to Toronto to watch them play next year.

Rogers Centre Pennants


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