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For the last day, we headed straight for Sydney Airport because our flight CX100 was scheduled for 14:00 and we didn’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam. We checked out of the hotel and waited for quite a while for the Redy2Go minibus. So I managed to use that time for snack-searching in the convenience store nearby. Sadly, no ketchup chips again.

Redy2Go minibusWe went on the minibus at 09:15 with 4 other passengers already seated and was greeted by a chatty local driver. He asked if any of us were late for our flight. After replying no, he continued, saying that it was great news as he wouldn’t have to break any laws.

He also ended his phrase with the words “Too easy.” I think he spoke the words “too easy” more than 10 times, as if it’s a natural end to every sentence. After dropping off 2 people at domestic Terminal 2 (as they were flying off to Melbourne to continue their Australian visit), we and 2 New Zealanders headed for the international Terminal 1.

We waited for a while before the staff came for baggage check-in. Cathay Pacific’s Australian ground crew actually gave us an earlier flight as we came earlier. As for the airport, there wasn’t too much special going on, just that there were some nice souvenirs and that one-third of the area was inaccessible because of renovation. That was one thing that I noticed about Sydney. Many places are under construction or renovation, which should be good for the economy.

Koala Bear CardholderThe return flight was much better than the first. I could be wrong, but I thought there was more in-flight entertainment, even though the last flight was 8 days ago. Lastly, there wasn’t a sick man sitting next to be, coughing every 10 minutes for the 9.5-hour journey. This time around, there was a polite, vegetarian, Australian woman (with a travel pillow that wraps 360 degrees around the neck) who almost spilled sparkling water over her lap.

Tokyo Shibuya CrossingSo that’s about it for this Sydney trip. I once said that if an alien visitor can only go to one city on Earth, then he or she must go to Tokyo. That is definitely still true. I wouldn’t mind going there once every 2 years. But the other 3 times can be for Thailand, New Zealand, UAE, and countries in Europe or even South America. You can see from the image below that I’m building a travel map. And the more blue it gets, the happier I’ll be.

Clement's travel map


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