Travel > Sydney Day 7: Wax Museum and Strathfield

After having breakfast in our hotel lobby, we went to the Wild Life Sydney Zoo, which was only a short walk from our hotel. This area actually housed 3 attractions: the zoo, the aquarium from Day 2, and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. The primary goal at the zoo was, of course, to take cute photos of reptiles as usual. Even kangaroos, koalas, and wombats weren’t as cute.

Cute Reptile

On the way out, we passed by a souvenir shop as usual, except this time I saw a good-looking shark fridge magnet. It’s too bad I didn’t buy it, otherwise I could’ve put it on my fridge’s world map.

Shark Fridge MagnetAfter having Vietnamese bread for lunch, we went to the above-mentioned #waxmuseum. It wasn’t too large and I couldn’t recognize half of the celebrities because they were Australian, but I did manage to take a cool photo with Leonardo and a weird photo with Queen Elizabeth II.

Leonardo DiCaprioIt was after we came out of the wax museum when we received bad news. Using the SIM card’s mobile data, I went to the Oz Lotto website, checked the lottery results, and confirmed that none of us won anything. It would’ve been nice if I could stay a few days behind to collect the extra AUD 40 million, but I guess that’ll have to wait until next time.

Sydney Tower Eye

After going up the elevator and taking sunset view photos from the nearby Sydney Tower Eye, our Sydney relative recommended we go to west of the CBD to #strathfield for dinner at a Korean barbecue restaurant. Exiting Strathfield station, I found the neighborhood quite calm and quiet, probably because it was a Tuesday. It’s now more than 2 months since I ate there (August 11, 2015), so I don’t remember exactly what we ate, but I remember the food being really tasty, just as good as the dinner on Day 2.

Outside Strathfield station.

Strathfield was also where we said our goodbyes to our Sydney relatives. Thank you for taking us around Sydney’s city center, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Blue Mountain, Olympic Park, Macquarie Centre, and Strathfield. Now all that’s left is Day 8, the highlight of which is my favorite plane ride home.


4 thoughts on “Travel > Sydney Day 7: Wax Museum and Strathfield

  1. Ah yes Lotto! The answer to my need to travel. Here&s wishing us both the best of luck!!!!! My latest post was Sydney too! How much longer do you have in OZ?


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