Aerospace > Mars One: Why Colonize Mars?

Since Mars is a hot topic these days, I’ve decided to dedicate some posts on a project called #marsone (below image courtesy of Mars One, non-profit organization). Many of you may have heard of this private and ambitious project of colonizing Mars by 2027, only 12 years from now. Some of you may wonder why we would want to colonize another planet in the first place? The answer is simple.

Mars One logoRemember the last meteor strike that wiped out the dinosaurs? According to the well-known folk storyteller, Danny Summer, humans were also present during that time. Their technology was just as sophisticated as ours today. But the meteor killed most of the dinosaurs, smart humans, and scientists, leaving only a handful of humans with below-average intelligence and memory. Soon, they all forgot that they once could travel to outer space. Their technology could therefore only develop slowly from scratch, as the bantamweight scientists couldn’t manage too much.

Scientists of Differing Intelligence

Now that modern day humans finally reached our original level of scientific expertise, it would be frustrating for another meteor to impact Earth, which would make us start all over again. How can we avoid this? The answer is to be a multi-planetary species, so that if Earth is hit, Mars can send reinforcements, and vice-versa. We won’t have to start from scratch. The probability of both Mars and Earth being hit simultaneously is extremely low, as our orbits around the Sun are quite different.

Earth is also starting to get overpopulated. Currently, there are 7.3 billion people. Wouldn’t it be nice to send over 1.3 billion to Mars? And since you’re now convinced that we need to colonize Mars, I’ll talk about astronaut selection in the next post.


3 thoughts on “Aerospace > Mars One: Why Colonize Mars?

  1. Mars One is a very interesting company, and colonizing Mars sure is an ambitious project… But how nice would it be for someone to have kids on Mars, they would be Martians! Thanks for sharing that post, and your next post sounds exciting, can’t wait to see it! Visit my blog, maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your post!


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