Travel > Sydney Days 5 and 6: Double-Decker Coach and Macquarie Centre

OpalDay 5 marked the second half of our Sydney vacation and I already felt like staying here instead of going back to Hong Kong. Despite getting our Opal cards on Day 2, this was the first day we used it to take the light rail from Paddy’s Markets station to the Star station. Exiting from the interior station, we headed over to the casino, which was very similar to the ones in Macau. After breaking even with my original starting amount of AUD 10, I decided to stop early as there would be little chance of actually winning.

For those of you who remember, some of us actually came here on Day 2 for the salted caramel and white chocolate ice cream. I actually cheated a little, in that the photo I showed that time wasn’t salted caramel and white chocolate. It was actually Uber Bueno, which I ate this time. Combined with hazelnut wafers, this is officially my 4th favorite ice cream flavor, right behind peach, turtle ling go, and the all-time winner, vanilla.

For lunch, we went to the top floor of Woolworths Town Hall. Although the headroom isn’t comparable to Walmart, there was still a large collection of candies and other goods. We didn’t need to buy them straight away though, because our relative gave us some really good Cadbury Marvelous Creations. I also came back later for some chocolate mint balls for my colleagues back at work.

CadburyAfter lunch, 1 of our Sydney relatives brought us to Hyde Park and St. Mary’s Cathedral. While I did take a good photo of the park, the church was probably one of the grandest I’ve ever seen. That’s probably because I haven’t been to many churches, but it was beautiful nonetheless, especially the interior.

Hyde Park St Mary Church Out St Mary Church In I had a good start to Day 6 after finally being able to find a post office at 44 Market Street. After mailing the 9 postcards from the other night, my brother and I separated from the main group to ride on a double-decker coach from Town Hall station to Olympic Park station. After tapping off with the Opal card, we headed for the Allphones Arena to watch a preliminary road match between South Africa and Sri Lanka and a special event by the Australian team. Netball is essentially a version of basketball where your can’t dribble or run with the ball.

20150810_121428We then took back the double-decker coach to Macquarie University station to meet up with our travel group. Actually, my original header image was taken from the lower deck of this coach.


As the main travel group already spent around 4 hours at Macquarie Centre, they were all waiting to take sunset photos of the Sydney Opera House. I, however, decided to stay behind because #macquariecentre was initially 1 of my 2 reasons for coming to Sydney. The other being Sydney Observatory, in which we visited on Day 4. I stayed behind to look at Target, which I previously thought would be as big as Markville Shopping Centre’s Walmart. Before the travel group left, however, one of my aunts told me not to expect too much. And that was good mental preparation for me because I was greeted with a Target only 10% the size of what I expected. There was also a Big W, which was 20% the size, but I was just disappointed overall.

20150810_161251I did, however, discover 2 interesting facts. If you walked clockwise, you’d actually spiral upwards through Macquarie Centre. And during these 5 days in Sydney, I couldn’t find a single bag of ketchup chips, which I loved in Toronto. After looking at the small mall, but before having a Malaysian dinner in Chinatown, we met up at the basement of QVB to spend AUD 10 on Oz Lotto. With the results being announced the next day, we hoped to win something (AUD 40 million jackpot) to make up for the high expenditure of Australian goods.


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