The Martian Movie Review

Just watched The Martian yesterday and I can safely say that it’s one of the better space movies to date. Probably not as good as Interstellar and Avatar, but pretty close. Now the following contains spoilers, so if you’re planning on watching it later, it’d be about time for you to stop reading.


Now that you’re still here, I assume you’ve already watched the movie and want to see how I viewed it and whether I can answer your questions about the movie that you couldn’t understand. I generally understood the whole movie, the one exception being that you could plant potatoes using an existing potato as the seed. Anyways, as the Latino astronaut once said, botany isn’t real science.

stagesAs for the movie as a whole, I thought it did a good job of showing how one would survive on a currently uninhabitable planet and his logical reasoning from first aid, safety, and food to navigation, communications, and texting his comrades through Whatsapp, WeChat, or LINE. I was impressed with how logically he handled everything by himself without breaking down too much psychologically. I probably would’ve broken down with the hatch explosion of the artificial habitat and would stomp on all the pre-existing potatoes. That’s assuming I could plant the potatoes in the first place.

I have 1 major complaint with the movie though. In the end, when the commander and Watney were supposed to catch each other, the commander just flimsily held out her hand in a high five position, as if that was enough to catch a space pirate moving at 5 meters per second. Obviously it wasn’t enough and they did some weird space dance, the final visual product of which was 2 people surrounded by a flimsy extension cable, which was a really poor impersonation of the planet Saturn. Saturn deserves better.


Besides that complaint, The Martian was a good movie and is definitely worth watching in the theaters. I may even buy the DVD to do some research on the technical aerospace aspects.


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