Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge

wpid-20151001_141258-1.jpgFor 2 of my latest travel destinations, I started buying #fridgemagnets, partly because they look nice, but mainly because they can demarcate the city on my world map.

wpid-20150610_211550-1-1-1.jpgI bought this steamed fish noodle bowl in a rather famous alley 田子坊 in Shanghai, 4.5 months ago. The city has changed a lot since I last went there 8 years ago. There are now a lot more mega restaurants, which are not only a luxury, but are virtually non-existent in Hong Kong.


9 thoughts on “Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge

  1. Oooo.. I miss 田子坊, I’ve been there almost every weekend when I was in shanghai for two years. Going to go back there for a short trip soon.


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