Aerospace > Flowing Water on Mars

NASA has announced yesterday that there’s liquid salt water on the surface of planet #Mars, the ultimate sign that our closest neighbor may be home to microscopic life, or even blue monkeys (image courtesy of thales|simonato).

Planet Mars, Earth visible in background (Digital Composite)

Planet Mars, Earth visible in background (Digital Composite)

Blue Monkey

With this breaking news, there may be possible manned missions to Mars as early as next year, as the travel time is only around 7 months. We can look less at exoplanets that are at least 11.9 light years away and instead look more at our next door neighbor. Now, some experts have said that the salt in the #liquidwater or #flowingwater is perchlorate (ClO4-), which is highly acidic and may kill many forms of life. However, this perchlorate can be used as rocket fuel for the return journey of the shuttles. And although acidic salt may limit the life on Mars’ surface, there may be life underground or in polar ice caps, where the ice water doesn’t contain perchlorate. The discovery of liquid water will no doubt impel astronauts to land on Mars just as we’ve done on the Moon almost 50 years ago. This scientific discovery is huge news in mainstream news and I hope the day I can step on Martian soil won’t be too far away.


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