Nutrition > How to Really Lose Belly Fat

Those of you who’ve read my last article on losing belly fat must think I’m crazy. You’re thinking that you exercise all the time, you don’t nap after lunch, and yet you still have this foreign layer of fat attached to your lower belly, love handles, lower back, and buttocks. Yes, you’re probably doing the right amount of weights and cardio, but you’re probably doing them at the wrong time. While your previous exercise routine may have helped you melt away the fat around your face, neck, lower arms, and lower legs, the fat around your belly is known as #stubbornfat, a different creature.

imageStubborn fat exists for the sole purpose of survival. Those areas hold the last stores of energy for us in case of starvation. If we can easily lose it, then we won’t survive long. It’s a genetic trait we’ve maintained since the existence of Neanderthals. This fat can only be slowly lost during exercise when there aren’t other sources of energy readily available. If you just had dinner, your night-time exercise will focus on burning up the calories from your dinner, and leave your stubborn fat untouched since Day 1. So to have a better chance of burning away the belly fat, you’ll need to do your weights and cardio in the morning before breakfast. You may be starving, 10 hours since your last meal, but hold in there. Once you’ve exercised though, you can safely eat a nutritious meal, with good portions of protein for muscle recovery.


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