Aerospace > Night Sky

I was doing some exercise in my local neighborhood after finishing work, as part of my usual routine. As the #nightsky was particularly clear, I looked up and counted around 54-56 stars, which was above average for that given suburban area.

imageA thought occurred to me, that the light I see now has actually traveled countless years to reach here. Even the closest star, near one of the potentially habitable planets Tau Ceti e, needs 11.9 years for its light to reach earth. Even if there are aliens on that planet and they received our SETI message, should they choose to send back blinking Morse code messages, it’ll be 12 years later when we receive it. I’ll be 12 years older by then.

Sometimes I wonder why don’t we use more of our time to cherish the moments with our family, relatives, friends, and even acquaintances. At least we don’t need to wait 11.9 years for a response.


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