Travel > Sydney Day 3: Koala Bear and Blue Mountain

Day 3 of our Sydney trip began with an early start and technically wasn’t involved with Sydney. We arrived at the McDonald’s near Market City at 08:00. As our #bluemountain local tour guide came late, we munched on some burgers instead. My first impression of the guide wasn’t very good. He was quite rude and in compensation, tried to speak like a woman. But I must say he was quite talented. He could drive the bus and talk about Blue Mountain at the same time.

IMG-20150808-WA0003Our first stop was Featherdale Wildlife Park, which was a 54-minute drive from Sydney’s central business district (CBD) via the M4. I did three important things there. First, I carried a cute reptile under the supervision of a reptile trainer. Second, I looked at a koala bear munching on some leaves. While we stared at each other up-close, I found that the koala had a near-perfect resemblance with my civil engineering classmate, Carson. Thirdly, I bought 10 postcards at the souvenir shop (more about this later).

IMG_0233After having lunch at a Chinese restaurant in the town of Katoomba, our bus suffered some minor mechanical issue. It appeared that the rotary lock of the manual transmission had some slight malfunction, rendering our bus incapable of going up a 10-degree slope and almost rolling back to hit a power line. Thankfully, an Australian driver helped us out of the desperate situation, but to be safe, the guide advised us not to go see the Jenolan Caves as the roads would be even steeper over there.

20150807_123011_smallSo we rode the Scenic Cableway and looked at the #threesisters from various different locations, until we finally arrived at the interesting Waradah Aboriginal Centre. I don’t recall seeing native Indians dancing before, so this was definitely a weirdly and strangely entertaining experience. The centre was at the basement of a small mall, which also contained a donut shop. Since Krispy Kreme left Hong Kong for a few years, this was probably my first genuine donut for quite a while. As we exited the mall, turned right, walked towards the railed cliff, I saw what was probably my favorite scenery, the close-up of the Three Sisters. Pictured is just one of the Three Sisters. Can you see the people waving back?

Blue Mountain 01_small

After heading back to Sydney’s Chinatown, buying fruits and souvenirs for our cub scouts at Paddy’s Market, and having dinner at another Chinese restaurant in Market City, we finally arrived at the intended destination: Sweet Spells. Sadly, the candy selection wasn’t quite enough as from Canada. Couldn’t find the vanilla Clodhoppers, but I did find a Dr. Pepper chocolate bar. Coupled with the 四海一家 king cakes, this day wasn’t bad.

Sweet Spells


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