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For the past four years, I’ve gradually lost 11 pounds (5 kg). I’ve went from average to thin, losing so much weight that even I realized it. It couldn’t have been avoided, however, because I was always afraid of accumulating #bellyfat, so I ate less, like many people. But that just turned me into a smaller version of my former self. That was when my brain told me that wherever blood accumulates, that body part will get bigger, in muscle and fat. The proportion of muscle to fat depends on how active that body part is when the blood flows there.

For example, why are there so many people thin in the arms and legs, but fat in the stomach? That is because we don’t exercise enough, thereby reducing blood flow. And when we eat, the blood circulates to the stomach to aid in digestion. As we’re just sitting there, limited belly exercise promotes growth of fat over growth of muscle for our waistline.

bodiesThat was when I realized that false advertisements want us to be fat. Those advertising agencies said that we should sit when we eat, whether at the restaurant, at home, at the office, at school, or at the park. And we’re usually asked not to eat on the train, when we’re walking, or when we’re inside a store. Yet those are the times when we should eat, when we can successfully limit blood flow to the stomach by standing or walking. That is why a significant portion of humanity is obese. So that we can, in turn, pay for the services of weight-loss firms.

So if you’re like me and want to have thicker or toned arms and legs, while having a slimmer waistline, you should exercise more with your arms and legs. Eat more and don’t do sit-ups because even though you’re moving it, the extra muscle will develop under your Precambrian fat layer. Let your nearby muscles gradually burn away the stubborn fat, before you actually tone it with sit-ups. When you eat, stand up or walk. This may seem weird when you’re at the restaurant, but society will soon understand and accept you.

The most important mindset is to always know where your nutrient-rich blood is flowing, and whether you want that part to get bigger.

Lean MuscleGiven that I’m creative enough to think this through, it may not be a surprise if one day I figure out how to reach Kepler-438b (only 470 light years away) and to successfully terraform it.


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