Proposal for Government Land Development

North Point is fortunate to have a great transportation network consisting of ferries, buses, minibuses, taxis, trams, and subway trains. It also benefits from having a good variety of spoken languages, ages, income-levels, and leisure hours. Amongst these people of vastly different backgrounds, departing and arriving in different directions, there is at least one common thing that is shared between them. Their need for exercise. With the deficiency of fitness activities in North Point (there’s no California fitness or any other major gym in the area), the Site can serve as a sports center. Instead of serving solely for the residents of North Point, the sports arena will be open to citizens from Hung Hom, Kwun Tong, Kowloon City, and all parts of Hong Kong, thanks to its central location and transportation network. With the potential of becoming a new focal point, comes with it a fair share of site constraints. There are large areas of under-utilized parking lots and abandoned parcels. And the areas shaded from the sun under the Island Eastern Corridor has not been used to its maximum potential. For the private parking areas, contrary to removing them, it would be best to relocate them underground, while 2 sports stadiums (1 indoor and 1 outdoor) occupy the ground area and upper floors. As for the area underneath the expressway, cycling lanes can be built on top of pile foundations in order to maneuver through the large highway columns. Not only will this serve as a 7th type of transportation mode in North Point, connecting it to other districts that the highway goes to, it’ll also encourage people who’re afraid of the hot weather to cycle more often. Having these sports facilities will encourage younger people to come to the slightly aging community of North Point.


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