Space Tourist

Space_Earth“Hey honey, I appreciate you coming along. I know that you’re not exactly enthusiastic about this whole weightlessness idea, but I’m just glad you’re by my side.”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to come,” Clementine looked into his eyes. It was rare when uneasiness settled into her eyes, but this was definitely one of those times. “I’m glad I came along too. I’m just not sure if 200K is the right price.”

“Oh, it’ll be worth it, especially with what I have prepared for you.”

She arched her back, unable to think for a brief second. Not being able to talk, she looked around the cabin to understand her surroundings and more importantly, to understand what her boyfriend was up to.

There was a muscular female attendant and another seated couple. They held each other’s hands as they witnessed the sky changing in color from red to blue to white. They were in the stratosphere, but it wouldn’t be long before they reached the grayish-black mesosphere. The passengers experienced over a minute of acceleration after the VSS Voyager broke off from White Knight Two.

Clementine couldn’t help but think about her time spent with Max. They’ve been dating for almost three years. Being an interior designer, it was rare for her to meet someone like Max, an astronomer, in the first place. Fate pulled them together on that very day at Cape Canaveral.

Blood rushed to her heart. Is Max going to propose to her within the next few minutes? They have been dating for a while now and he knows who she is. They’ve already traveled together to Japan, Antarctica, and now to outer space. He’s already seen the mess she could be in the morning, and that she simply hates cooking. But if he really does propose on this space shuttle, it’ll probably be one of the most expensive proposals in world history! They’ll probably have a picture in Guinness!

The two couples felt the weightlessness as they drifted in the air. Max took off his seat belt and motioned for her to do the same. They hugged each other, not in traditional spacesuits, but in everyday casual wear. That was the advantage of sub-orbital flight.

Clementine glanced at Max’s smartphone. Five minutes of remaining weightlessness time. That was barely enough for him to take out the ring, hold it up to her steadily in a less-than-comfortable floating position and for her to silently reminisce their moments leading up to this moment before she makes a decision.

“I want you to have something,” Max said as he reached for his left jacket pocket. “This is to relieve your anxiety in outer space.”

Clementine stared intently at the object that was about to protrude from his pocket. It was indeed round, with some sparkling effect to it. But something wasn’t quite right. It was blue. Could it possibly be a sapphire? Her heart happily melted like vanilla. “Oh, you’re too sweet, Max.”

“Here’s a blueberry lollipop to alleviate your uneasiness, honey.”

Clementine’s jaw dropped until the weightlessness ended. “That’s it?” she finally managed to say.

Max gave a big nod and childish grin.

Uneasiness filled the air of the Voyager. If man were to experience vacuum and survive afterwards to tell the story, this current atmosphere would be the closest equivalent. “We flew up 110 km, for a blueberry lollipop?”

Max had the same childish grin. “It’s your favorite flavor.”

Without another word, she raised her hand and maneuvered it in a parabolic trajectory until it reached its intended target.

After landing, Max disembarked with a red left cheek.


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